Monday, 3 March 2014

Small victories

Made this for an awesome dancing teacher as an end of year Christmas gift. Added a box of favorites chocolate and refrained from eating them myself. Victory!

This was for a special 4 year old as a last minute gift.  Apart from the small pucker on the first A, it's a victory!

I have spent most of the summer knitting myself a 4 ply cotton cardigan which I finished, tried on and started the sleeves again. It is taking forever but I am proud of persisting.  Finishing has never been my strength. I have  two shawl to finish and a blanket. I still have the superheroes quilt to begin although I did buy more fabric so that counts as a contribution. Doesn't it?

This is little bunny FooFoo  I had downloaded the pattern ages ago and finally grabbed the needles and cast him on. He only took a day to turn from a ball of yarn to my three years olds favorite toy in the world.  It's so exciting to make something that is instantly appreciated.  I think that's that is the problem with handmade. I make things because I enjoy the process, but finding people who want them is far more difficult. So I will take the victory where I can get it.


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