Sunday, 30 March 2014

Finishing Touches

I have been spending the last few weeks trying to finish off the extraordinarily large amount of half done projects that have been sitting around gathering dust. Starting with the yellow cardigan I knitted tried on and decided the cardigan needed long sleeves.

So long sleeves were slowly knitted and put in and finally I am the proud owner of a hand made cardi which I wore to the supermarket the next day.

When I was a little girl my Nana would knit herself cardigans and jumpers and wear them all the time. Her creations were beautiful and so well made and I freely admit much better than anything I could make. My mum would often knit herself and us kids beautiful sweaters and cardigans. It feels so nice to continue with their traditions.

With that finished I have turned my attention back to the Spindleberry Shawl . I have constantly second guessed myself on whether to frog it and begin again with different yarn. I have been using Chiquita (picked up on sale from spotlight). The yarn is beautiful in the ball but so frustrating to knit with. The cute little sequins felt harsh on my hands and I worried that it might feel scratchy on my neck. But when I tried it on half finished, it looks so cute that I decided to push on with it.

So push on I will.  I got the pattern for free (free during the month of February) and the yarn was only $1.50 per ball, needing about 5 to finish.  If it doesn't scratch, what a bargain!  I will hopefully finish it this week and will start again on the next unfinished item.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Panic buying

Yesterday I logged into Ravelry to admire and add to my enormous list of thing I want to knit someday.  Reading through the forums, my heart sank to find my preferred wool supplier Bendigo is discontinuing their Rustic range. Shattering news.  I have been slowly working on a blanket with this wool ignoring the fact that it would need to be hand washed.

These beautiful earth tones will soon be unavailable.  So I did what any sensible yarn lover would do and panic bought.  I advise you to do the same.  The 2014 shade card hasn't arrived here yet so I imagine there will be another, more sedate purchase in the near future.  The postman is not being very kind to me at the moment as I am impatiently awaiting for a few overdue deliveries. I wonder if he can be bribed?

On a brighter note I picked up this little set of knitting looms from an op shop the other day for the bargain price of $5.00.  I look forward to learning how to use them, if I can keep them of the kids. They make very regal crowns! If I never use them I have still got my monies worth. 
 Viva imagination.


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Singer!

I went to the library and found some books to read.  I am supposed to be reading A Game Of Thrones but I'm finding it hard to get quiet time to do it.  So in the meantime these pretty, colourful books full of inspiring pictures will take its place on the bedside table.

I recently bought this little beauty on eBay and my darling husband took a long drive to pick it up.
I have wanted one of these Singer treadle machines for such a long time and have always been outbid.  Until now.  I love her so much I wander around just touching her.  She is in good working order just needing a belt repair.  

Got cracking on my second sleeve.  It's the never ending cardigan.  I am waiting patiently for the new Bendigo Woollen Mills shade card to arrive so I am trying to hurry this sleeve up so I  can start thinking of a new order!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Knitting for a bunny

Little bunny FooFoo has a hoodie. I am working on blue overalls for him too. The pattern is easy but I have had to rip it apart and do it again, and again. My brain is just not working when it comes to these pants. Seriously I can count but when it comes to this pattern my numbering system is way, way off.  Normally when this happens I put it in the time out corner of my desk until I am ready to forgive and start fresh. However when some one is begging you to give their friend a wardrobe of the latest fashion, how can you give up? I can't so I'm still plugging away, and hopefully they will be finished soon and I will throw the pattern out and never let it bother me again.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Small victories

Made this for an awesome dancing teacher as an end of year Christmas gift. Added a box of favorites chocolate and refrained from eating them myself. Victory!

This was for a special 4 year old as a last minute gift.  Apart from the small pucker on the first A, it's a victory!

I have spent most of the summer knitting myself a 4 ply cotton cardigan which I finished, tried on and started the sleeves again. It is taking forever but I am proud of persisting.  Finishing has never been my strength. I have  two shawl to finish and a blanket. I still have the superheroes quilt to begin although I did buy more fabric so that counts as a contribution. Doesn't it?

This is little bunny FooFoo  I had downloaded the pattern ages ago and finally grabbed the needles and cast him on. He only took a day to turn from a ball of yarn to my three years olds favorite toy in the world.  It's so exciting to make something that is instantly appreciated.  I think that's that is the problem with handmade. I make things because I enjoy the process, but finding people who want them is far more difficult. So I will take the victory where I can get it.