Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Singer!

I went to the library and found some books to read.  I am supposed to be reading A Game Of Thrones but I'm finding it hard to get quiet time to do it.  So in the meantime these pretty, colourful books full of inspiring pictures will take its place on the bedside table.

I recently bought this little beauty on eBay and my darling husband took a long drive to pick it up.
I have wanted one of these Singer treadle machines for such a long time and have always been outbid.  Until now.  I love her so much I wander around just touching her.  She is in good working order just needing a belt repair.  

Got cracking on my second sleeve.  It's the never ending cardigan.  I am waiting patiently for the new Bendigo Woollen Mills shade card to arrive so I am trying to hurry this sleeve up so I  can start thinking of a new order!



  1. Love that Singer sewing table. I have a similar one that was given to me by a family friend. After watching several of them go for crazy prices on ebay I came home one day to find it waiting on my driveway! It lives in our bedroom now and is home to a changing array of vases, flowers and knitting baskets. :)

  2. They are beautiful and elegant., How lucky are you to have such a generous friend!