Thursday, 13 March 2014

Panic buying

Yesterday I logged into Ravelry to admire and add to my enormous list of thing I want to knit someday.  Reading through the forums, my heart sank to find my preferred wool supplier Bendigo is discontinuing their Rustic range. Shattering news.  I have been slowly working on a blanket with this wool ignoring the fact that it would need to be hand washed.

These beautiful earth tones will soon be unavailable.  So I did what any sensible yarn lover would do and panic bought.  I advise you to do the same.  The 2014 shade card hasn't arrived here yet so I imagine there will be another, more sedate purchase in the near future.  The postman is not being very kind to me at the moment as I am impatiently awaiting for a few overdue deliveries. I wonder if he can be bribed?

On a brighter note I picked up this little set of knitting looms from an op shop the other day for the bargain price of $5.00.  I look forward to learning how to use them, if I can keep them of the kids. They make very regal crowns! If I never use them I have still got my monies worth. 
 Viva imagination.


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