Friday, 25 October 2013

This week


  This week has been wet and cold. Terrible for drying clothes but perfect for knitting and sewing. A few months ago Spotlight released a pattern for a textured throw blanket.  There were two squares a week released. The first block was a simple garter stitch and by week 24 I had to resort to YouTube to help me out.
So after a few months I finally finished all the squares, blocked them, and then learnt how to crochet them together.  It was a great project which I mostly worked on while sitting in the car watching my son play football.  I figured with the purple and pinks in the throw, I would leave it in the car as an emergency blanket.  The boys of the family wouldn't be interested in snuggling up on the couch with it.  I was wrong.  It has proved to be a much loved blanket with one particular child calling it HIS knitting blanket.

 So I decided to start another knitting blanket. This time it will be beautiful earth tones from Bendigo Woollen Mills. So it has begun. Another beautiful throw to distract me from the things I should be doing.
  Like sewing.



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  1. You won a copy of my book!
    Can you please let me know your address and I can get it to you.
    Cheers Kate
    twolittlebanshees at hotmail dot com