Friday, 4 October 2013

A Spring Day

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. Kids outside playing loudly. The washing all hung out on the line. The sewing machine was calling my name so I answered.

 First off was this cute little wall hanging for a lovely girl. Gorgeous pink polka dots and aqua streaks.  Happy birthday Eliza!

The girls took the newest stash fabric outside to photograph. There will be a superhero quilt being made in the very near future. We are just waiting impatiently for the Green Lantern fabric to be delivered before we start planning the layout. Unfortunately The Flash will not be making it on this quilt.

And then there is this...

A quilt for the Etsy shop.  Lovely blues and greys pieced together, Perfect for a little baby boy. Slowly coming together. Almost time to chose the binding. After a few more hours of quiet, slow quilting. Then trying to get it photographed. Photography is not one of my talents.

Off to the sewing machine.


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