Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A spinning wheel

Touch the spindle, touch it I say...

A few weeks ago I won an auction on eBay for a spinning wheel. I've never spun before, never really had any interest in it, other then admiring other people's work.  But I have always loved the design of a spinning wheel and have wanted one as a display piece When my youngest daughter was a toddler Sleeping Beauty was her favourite movie. So we had to wait until she was old enough to not be terrified of spindles and then I had to wait for a wheel to appear in my budget and in the style I liked. And here she is...

I believe she is an Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel. Possibly a kit Kraft, thought the original owner.  She looks beautiful and the treadle works smoothly (as the kids quickly found out).  

So now I want to learn to spin my own yarn.  I am hoping for Mother's Day to receive some bobbins,an Ashford maintenance kit, all the other bits and pieces needed to start and most importantly lessons. She is such a beautiful machine it would seem a shame just to let her collect dust.



  1. I used one of these recently when I had some spinning classes, they are a very good wheel. I also have an Ashford loom and I think they're a great company.
    Have you been able to use it yet? I'm really enjoying my wheel and just dyed some roving that I plan to "fractal spin".

  2. She is beautiful! I too harbor dreams of being able to spin my own wool. However I have my hands full with my three little ones and running my silver smithing business, so instead I live vicariously through other spinners. Look forward to seeing your progress with your new wheel. I have tried spinning once, at a demonstration, and it is a great skill. Like most skills it is harder than it looks, but patience and practice is the key! Have you seen Soule Mamas instagram feed?